Your windows.

They are probably not something that you give a lot of thought to, on a day to day basis. But did you know that they could lose you a whole load of energy on a yearly basis?

And yes, that is even with the state of art double glazing installed.

Did you know there was something else that you could do in order to protect your home from energy loss, just that little bit more?

And what if it was as simple as merely tinting the windows?

Yes. Window tinting of your home could save you energy bill increases down the line, now that winter is truly here.

And this is not all, also in the summer it can help prevent your home becoming overheated.

In a country which can get both the extremes of winter and summer, having some extra protection against both is always a good idea. And the good news is that finding a professional window tinting business to take on the challenges of your home, is not difficult in Edmonton.

If you weren’t convinced on just why tinting your windows might be beneficial, here are all the reasons put simply;

1) As we mentioned, winter is here now and by tinting your windows, you can help trap the warmth within your home more effectively.
Generally, the darker the tint, the more warmth your home will retain. Of course, this has to be offset by your personal choice of how much sunlight you want to come into your home.

2) In the summer, the reverse is the case. Tinting your windows will prevent UV rays getting inside and adding to the escalating temperatures.

If you have especially large windows, that are not overlooked by anything and without any shade, tinting your windows might suddenly make a lot of sense.
Rooms which often work best for tinted windows are the ones with the largest windows. Conservatories and French doors are hot contenders for the places in your home which are probably crying out for a window tint, but you didn’t even realize it!

3) Tinting your windows means you still get the benefit of the view from your beautiful large window, without having to cover it up with drapes and other window dressings.
Whilst window treatments such as shutters and blinds have their uses, they are still hard to have in place and still be able to look outside easily.
Window tinting does not take the choice away from you of having a view or having the warmth/ coolness you crave. You can have both – a view and the temperature control you want.

4) Window tinting means that UV rays do not only get inside the house – they also cannot affect your skin through the glass.
This could be a consideration for many people looking to protect their skin.

5) It is not only your skin that may be damaged by UV rays. So can your carpets and furniture.
If you have ever noticed the amount of fading that drapes and other items in front of a large, sunny window can suffer from, this is down to the UV rays.

But there is no need to put up with this fading of your soft furnishings. A window tint can help protect your beautiful, deep colored velvet drapes and prevent fading.
The same is also true for any other furnishings in the direct line of the sun’s rays – art works or anything else that you like to hang in the window.

These are only five of the reasons to choose window tinting for your home! There are many more besides these and you can check out more info at