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Ireland’s Best Hardware Stores

Where can you find the best values on hardware and building supplies in Ireland? There is no way to answer that without doing a little research on your own. We recommend checking out Ireland’s top hardware stores and comparing prices to find out where you can save the most money. Here are some of the top stores you should check into.

Homevalue Hardware: Homevalue has dozens of stores scattered throughout Ireland, plus provides a great online shopping site you can use for comparing prices. They provide a wide range for building and hardware supplies including complete DIY project kits, plumbing supplies, and gardening needs. You can even find everything you need to repair your own heating and cooling systems.

Hardware Ireland: While Hardware Ireland only has one physical location in Ireland, they do have an impressive online selection of tools and supplies. They provide next day shipping to much of Ireland and are competitively priced. Their online store offers everything from paint for the outside of your home to mounts to put your new TV up on the wall.

Topline: Do you want to find a local hardware store where you can walk in to choose your building supplies and tools? Topline has over 160 locations throughout Ireland, which means one of them is near you. You can use their website to locate the nearest store and find out the approximate prices you will pay using their online store. As an added bonus, when you are on their website, check out all of their tips and DIY project information.

Arro: Home, Garden, & Build. Arro may have fewer stores than Homevalue or Topline, but they do have locations throughout much of Ireland. Arro has over a dozen stores throughout the country. Their stores offer a home town feel that you will love. They carry a wide range of products including everything from BBQ grills to building supplies to build a storage shed in the back yard.

HandyHardware: Taking a quick glance at their website may have you wondering if you are in the right place. Their website is simple and not as visually exciting at the other sites, but don’t leave quite yet. Their claim to fame is not beauty, it is saving you money. They offer highly discounted tools and you may be wasting your money if you don’t take a few moments to check out their clearance offers.

Homebase: If you live in Northern Ireland, don’t overlook Homebase. They have stores throughout the country, but with a higher concentration of locations in the north and along the east coast of Ireland. One thing you will quickly notice is that Homebase is not only a hardware store. They also have a wide range of furniture so you can not only build your project, but you can also fill the space with new furniture.

All of the above hardware stores & cleaning companies in Ireland offer great prices with some being lower on certain items. Take a little time to investigate their online stores to find out who can save you the most money, then find a location near you.