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Like everything else around the home, your windows need regular maintenance and upkeep to continue looking and functioning as they should. Veterans Window Services is the area’s most qualified and experienced professionals for all things related to window maintenance, replacement and repair. There is no window too big or too small to warrant our services, we do it all!

Call today to book an appointment with our expert window repair personnel, before that small issue becomes a big one. We provide the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction, so rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with the results of our work.

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5 Common Window Problems and What to Do About Them

Posted by Edwin Jennings on November 22, 2018

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While you might not pay much mind to the windows in your home, they actually have a lot to do with the comfort and temperature of your space. Windows aren’t often the subject of discussion, at least not until they present a homeowner with problems. If your home isn’t as cozy as it should be, consider looking for these five common window problems to address and remedy the issue.


Drafty windows can greatly diminish the comfort of your home by letting the outside elements inside, and vice-versa. They can also cause your heating and cooling costs to inflate, especially during the hot days of summer and the frigid days of winter.

Replacing the weather stripping or caulking up the drafty windows can work to rectify this issue but know that it will only be a Band-Aid. In the end, you will benefit greatly from replacing any faulty windows outright.

Damaged Window Frames

Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on wooden window frames, which over time can result in cracking, splitting and warping – or even rotting of the wood. This contributes to that drafty feeling that you might get whenever you walk by the window, but that’s not all. When this happens, moisture can become trapped in the frame and facilitate the growth of mold – which can make you and your family sick.

Windows that have experienced this type of damage should be replaced immediately. The issue will not rectify itself and will only worsen as the months and years go on.

Faulty Seals

Are you experiencing condensation on your windows? This points to a problem with the seals that lie between the panes of glass. This drastically impacts the insulating properties of your window and can drive your energy bills through the roof.

While there are a number of guides online to help homeowners take a DIY approach to the issue, they cannot completely repair this issue. Your best bet is to purchase new windows from a company that offers a guarantee on their seals.

Faulty Hardware

If your window isn’t staying closed or open, or it isn’t locking, this may be a matter as simple as replacing the hardware on your window. Check the sash support system, the lock and (if applicable) the crank that opens the window. Replacing these items can be very easy and take relatively little time.

Damaged Screens

If you would like to open your window but can’t because the screen isn’t functional, this is an easy repair that takes very little time to have fixed. In fact, you might not even have to replace the entire screen, but just the mesh portion, if the frame is still intact!

These are only five of the most common reasons people have their windows serviced. If your window isn’t experiencing any of these issues but still isn’t functioning as well as it should, refer to the professionals as soon as possible.

5 Things That You Should Do to Care for Your Windows

Posted by Edwin Jennings on November 11, 2018

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Category: Windows Care

Windows are an important feature of any home, and like anything else, they require some upkeep on the homeowner’s part to continue looking and functioning well. Quite fortunately, it’s easy to perform routine care – as long as you make a conscious effort to do it. Don’t neglect your windows until they start giving you problems. Follow these steps to avoid problems in the first place.

A contract cleaning company will cost you money but might be the best option int he end.

Perform an Inspection

At least once a year, you should perform a thorough visual inspection of all your home’s windows. This allows you to address matters like cracked windows or frames, damaged hardware, and other small issues before they have a chance to become big, expensive fixes.

Repair Damaged Seals

If the seals around your windows become damaged, the windows can become drafty or start to accumulate moisture that they didn’t before. Pay attention to the seals and re-caulk cracked or damaged ones if you notice any problems. Pay extra attention to the bottom seals and the seals located between two windows.

Pay Attention to the Paint

Cracked or peeling paint on or around the windows isn’t just an aesthetic matter – it’s a functional one, too. The paint and the wood beneath it serve the purpose of ensuring the window’s insulative properties and minimizes damage sustained by the window at the hands of the elements. If the paint is cracked or peeling, this indicates that there might be moisture damage sustained that needs addressing.

Clean the Windows and Tracks

Windows and the tracks that they reside on should be free and clear of dirt, dust and other debris. A simple dusting can take care of most of the grime, but if there is any that won’t be removed this way you can use some warm water and soap. This will get the stubborn muck out of the equation quickly and without damaging the window or track.

If you let debris build-up on the window tracks, it will affect how they function and might even result in the window becoming stuck. Even hiring contract cleaning services can be the best option.

Keep the Hardware Clean

Locks and operation mechanisms should be routinely cleaned for the same reason that the tracks of a window need cleaning: to preserve their functionality. If a lock, for example, becomes clogged with dust it will not work as well as it should – which is a security risk that can be easily avoided. Use warm water to clean window hardware. If you do need to use soap, make sure to get all soap residue off of the window to prevent related issues.

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